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Embracing the Natural: A Guide to Detoxing Your Underarms and Breaking Up with Caffeine

In the journey towards a healthier lifestyle, many of us are making conscious choices to eliminate harmful chemicals from our daily routines. Two areas that often go unnoticed but play a significant role in our well-being are our underarms and our caffeine consumption. In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of detoxing your underarms before transitioning to natural deodorant and the process of breaking free from the caffeine trap.

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I recently had a health scare that lead me to explore detoxing my underarms and breaking up with caffeine. I learned Aluminum in my regular Antiperspirant can be quite harmful to breast health, along with high amounts of caffeine.

I am a consumer of both of these, or at least I was, which ultimately lead me to the Dr. for a suspicious lump. After further research and a visit with a naturopath (whom I'd highly recommend) I am on the slow track to giving up my regular deodorant and begrudgingly, caffeine.

So, where would one begin when starting this journey? Right here! I've broken the important facts down and kept it super simple to understand exactly why you'd want to do this and how to accomplish it!

Detoxing Your Underarms for Natural Deodorant

1. Why Detox?

Our underarms are exposed to a myriad of toxins from conventional deodorants and antiperspirants, containing ingredients like aluminum, parabens, and synthetic fragrances. Detoxing your underarms helps eliminate these toxins, allowing your body to function more efficiently and thus creating less hormonal and breast health issues in women.

2. Benefits:

a. Reduced Odor: Natural deodorants allow your body to sweat while neutralizing odor, providing a more balanced and natural approach to underarm care.

b. Healthier Skin: By opting for natural alternatives, you reduce the risk of skin irritation and allergic reactions caused by harsh chemicals found in conventional products. While also reducing your risk for cancer and other breast related health issues.

c. Environmentally Friendly: Many natural deodorants use sustainable and eco-friendly ingredients, contributing to a healthier planet.

3. How to Detox:

a. Sweat it Out: Engage in activities that make you sweat, such as exercise or saunas, to help expel toxins from your body. My personal favorite is infrared Sauna! So many amazing health benefits that I'll save for another day.

b. Exfoliate: Gently exfoliate your underarms using a natural scrub to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores. Fun fact: if you exfoliate before you shave your underarms you'll have a smoother finish and lessen your chance for ingrown hair.

c. Patience is Key: The transition to natural deodorant may lead to an adjustment period where your body adapts to the new routine. Be patient and persistent. (This is my new mantra. It aint easy being stinky folks.)

4. Side Effects:

a. Increased Odor: Initially, you might experience an increase in body odor as your body purges toxins. Here I am.... I wont lie this has been the worst part.

b. Excessive Sweating: Some may notice increased sweating during the detox period, but it's a natural part of the process.

Ultimately, I'm thankful I'm doing this process in the winter when sweating is at it's minimum. Currently I'm using Salt & Stone deodorant and I have zero complaints so far. I tried 3 others including a homemade one, this one is by far my favorite.

Detoxing from Caffeine

1. Why Detox?

Caffeine dependency can lead to disrupted sleep, increased anxiety, and even digestive and breast issues. Detoxing from caffeine helps reset your body's natural energy levels and improve overall well-being.

2. Benefits:

a. Improved Sleep: Reduced caffeine intake can lead to better sleep quality and a more restful night. I think I've started to dream again, I rarely remember them.

b. Increased Energy: Breaking free from caffeine dependency often results in more stable energy levels throughout the day. I am most excited for this!

c. Better Mood: Caffeine withdrawal symptoms can impact mood, but once past the withdrawal phase, many report feeling more balanced and less anxious.

3. How to Detox:

a. Gradual Reduction: Instead of quitting caffeine abruptly, consider gradually reducing your intake to minimize withdrawal symptoms. I was a 2 cup/day, sometimes more, coffee drinker. I have slowly started to wean off over a 10 day period. I'm on day 3, headaches have definitely set in.

b. Stay Hydrated: Drinking plenty of water helps flush out toxins and can alleviate some withdrawal symptoms. Professionals suggest 1/2 your weigh in oz. per day. I like many of you have a 30oz Stanley cup, which is easy to keep track of. I set a goal of filling and drinking it empty 3x a day. I've notice a major difference in my skin.

c. Substitute with Herbal Teas: Replace caffeinated beverages with herbal teas to maintain the comforting ritual without the jolt of caffeine. I planned to do this, but was unfortunately advised to eliminate tea as well for my personal health. I may touch more on why in another post, however I was a HUGE tea drinker and very much miss it.

4. Side Effects:

a. Headaches: Caffeine withdrawal often triggers headaches, but they typically subside within a few days. Still waiting on them to subside...

b. Fatigue: Feeling more tired than usual is a common withdrawal symptom, but it's temporary. This is an understatement in my opinion.

Yet again the positives outweigh the negatives on this one. Caffeine and sugar are truly my crutch. I fully believe coffee could be it's own food group. I could live on it, actually I'm pretty sure I have. Unfortunately, they both cause so many issues that it's time to let them go...or at least cut back. I reward myself for drinking half my weight in water with a Carbonated water that has natural caffeine in it. I don't plan to learn anything about that right now. (just let me have this one thing for now ;) )

Embarking on the journey of detoxing your underarms and breaking up with caffeine may initially pose challenges, as it has for me, but the long-term benefits far outweigh the temporary discomfort. Embracing natural alternatives not only enhances your personal well-being but also contributes to a healthier planet. So, take the leap with me, detoxify your lifestyle, and revel in the positive changes that follow!





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