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Let's give this blogging thing a shot!

Welcome to the chaos of my life, where I have decided I needed a creative outlet since leaving my career as a Cosmetologist. I'm not entirely sure what this blog is going to look like or where its going, but if you enjoy humor, fashion, home decor, fluffly cows and fluffy chickens with a healthy dose of random very off topic content then you've come to the right place. I cant promise that you'll navigate away from this blog with new found knowledge, but I can guarentee that you will enjoy a few giggles before you go!

SO, if your new here, which you all are because im new here too, HA... I'm Kayla, hellooo! and I am the face behind the blog. I'm not anybody special, nor am I a master at any one thing that you could enjoy learning from me. I'm just your avererage millenial, er... xennial.. I don't even know! I just ask that as you read you keep in mind I am not a professional and I can't afford to hire one. With that being said there will be errors, gramatical and otherwise. I encourage you to look the other way, and know that it won't be the last time you witness the offense here on this blog. :) I also may state my opinion and change it the following week, thats my perrogative. But if you don't love watching people learn and grow and change in real time this may not be the right space for you. That's A-OK, thanks for stopping by!

If you've stuck around this far, you clearly get me, but here's a little more. I enjoy many things but mostly I enjoy learing how to create our Homestead. (More on this in a future post.) I left my Cosmetology career of 10yrs to be home with my girls and to balance my husband's love for farming. If you know anything about farming, it may be that farmers don't get to dictate their schedules...their animals or their crops and the weather do, thus was the case for Ryan. He is in his 3rd year (I believe) of Hay farming which means we are on year 3 of letting the weather dictate our Summer plans which are already built around 1st, 2nd and 3rd crop hay. I type that as if I know what im referring too, but really I've just heard Ryan say it so much that I've caught on to its importance. My kiddos keep us nice and busy too with different sports and school activities. It has truly been a blessing to not have to miss a single one due to a 9-5 job obligation.

All that said.. what is it that I actually do? Well, quite frankly A LOT. (Too much actually.) First and foremost I'm a Wife and Mother, my two MOST important jobs. However when I'm not being Mom, I am an Entrapraneur and own an Amazon business. R.O.C.K.S. Boutique sells adorable, (if i do say so myself) Organic Bamboo Muslin Crib sheets. I have personally designed these and I am quite proud of learning that side of Amazon. That was really my first step into online work and I ended up enjoying it quite a bit!

On top of these I am a volunteer Librarian at my kiddos school, which entails a lot more than you would think, but brings me the most joy!

Together my husband and I also run our small hobby farm, Just A Wee Farm (find us HERE: & on IG: @justa.weefarm ) where we raise beef cattle, chickens for eggs, and 2 Scottish Higlands that will earn their keep in love and cute babies in the future. Along with all the farm animals, we have lots of inside pets too, including 3 cats, a dog and a bunny. (we...I mean I... really LOVE animals. Seriously, easily more than people) We also enjoy growing a small garden for ourselves and in the summer months Ryan grows and sells hay!

This leads us here, my new venture. I'm taking this one pretty leisurly. Blogging always struck my curioustiy and truthfully I avoided it hoping I'd find the same "blogging success" just in a more round about way. Hence, R.O.C.K.S... I've come to learn there isn't a shortcut to making your own corner of the the internet.

You just have to start...





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